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White Retinal Artiole Left eye - Inferotemporal

31 year old female with migraines and headaches for the last 12-13 years. Sometimes she gets the visual symptoms with the migraine. When she gets the migraines the pain is on the left side of her head. She gets the problem a few times a month, sometimes more. They usually last 5-6 hours. She has not had a permanent vision change. When she gets a vision change there are spotty dots of blue neon lights in her vision. With her glasses her two eyes are about the same. VA 20/16 in Each Eye

White-vessel-kamo_121818_19.jpg White-vessel-kamo_121818_22.jpg White-vessel-kamo_121818_23.jpg White-vessel-kamo_121818_24.jpg White-vessel-kamo_121818_26.jpg