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Serous Macular Detachment Left Eye - Possible Hypertensive Choroidopathy v. Central Serous Retinopathy

59-year-old woman decreasing vision in the left eye for about two days. She sees a spot in front of her vision. It is a yellow spot which is just straight ahead and moves with her eye. She does have high blood pressure. She checks her blood pressure at home, and even at home her blood pressure runs very high, with the systolic running around 200 and the diastolic around 100, although occasionally it does return to the normal range.

VISUAL ACUITY: Vision OD is 20/60, OS is 20/30

htnchoroidserousrdcsr_vapr_28429.jpg htnchoroidserousrdcsr_vapr_28529.jpg htnchoroidserousrdcsr_vapr_28629.jpg htnchoroidserousrdcsr_vapr_28729.jpg htnchoroidserousrdcsr_vapr_28829.jpg