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Wet AMD with Juxtapapillary Choroidal Neovascular Membrane and Serous Macular Detachment - Choroidal Laser (Before)

75 year old man with 2 months of vision loss right eye. VA 20/200 OD, 2020 OS.

Had choroidal laser for juxtapapillary extrafoveal occult choroidal neovascular membrane with serous macular detachment. Vision rapidly improved. 20/40 1 month later and 20/25 at last follow-up which was 14 months after single choroidal laser treatment.

wetamdserousrd_riro07.jpg wetamdserousrd_riro08.jpg wetamdserousrd_riro09.jpg wetamdserousrd_riro10.jpg wetamdserousrd_riro11.jpg