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Macular Pucker 20/40 Vision

59-year-old woman blurry vision in the right eye for about the last one or two years. She had cataract surgery in 1981, a retinal detachment repair with scleral buckle in 1988 in the right eye, and then she had lens implants in both eyes, anterior chamber lenses, in 1994. She did start taking Latisse for eyelashes about a year and a half ago.

VISUAL ACUITY: Vision OD is 20/40, OS is 20/20
(4 months later with a short course of antiinflammatory drops and new glasses her vision improved to 20/25)

puckeroldrd2040_majo02.jpg puckeroldrd2040_majo03.jpg puckeroldrd2040_majo04.jpg puckeroldrd2040_majo05.jpg puckeroldrd2040_majo06.jpg