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Juxtapapillary CNVM and Serous Macular Detachment Wet AMD Rx Laser

85-year-old man OD is 20/25, OS is 20/100. IOP: OD 21, OS 22.

OS: Vertical C/D ratio is 0.1. There is a posterior vitreous separation. There is a hemorrhagic pigment epithelial detachment on the superior pole of the optic nerve, extending a disc-and-a-half diameter off the nerve, with adjacent exudates. There is a serous macular detachment involving the center of the fovea.

VA improved from 20/100 to 20/50 in four months from laser.

JPCNVMPRELASER_61421_28229.jpg JPCNVMPRELASER_61421_28329.jpg JPCNVMPRELASER_61421_28429.jpg JPCNVMpostlaser_61421.jpg postlaser.jpg