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Malignany Hypertension - BP 250/130 - Vision 1/200 in each eye - Diabetic

68-year-old woman poor vision in both eyes for the last few years. She is diabetic since 1989. Her blood pressure has been very high. She was in the hospital Friday. Her blood pressure during that visit was 250/130 and her blood pressure in your office she reports was somewhere around the same. I just checked her blood pressure at the beginning of my visit and it was 200/120 in her right arm sitting. Her vision is poor enough that she can barely see to walk around. She has also been feeling nauseous

htndiabetic_glse07.png htndiabetic_glse08.png htndiabetic_glse09.png htndiabetic_glse10.png htndiabetic_glse11.png