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Angioid Streaks - Peau D'Orange - Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum - Asymptomatic Extrafoveal Choroidal Neovascular Membrane

60-year-old woman has pseudoxanthoma elasticum since 2008. Her sister has the same problem and lost vision in both eyes. She had a problem with blood vessel growth in the left eye for which she had injections of Avastin in August, September, and October of 2011 (5 months ago). Subsequent to that, the macula has been dry and you have just been watching her carefully. She is in Florida for a short time but will ultimately be spending nine months out of the year here. Both of her eyes have good vision at

angiodstreaksPDO_auwa26.jpg angiodstreaksPDO_auwa27.jpg angiodstreaksPDO_auwa28.jpg angiodstreaksPDO_auwa29.jpg angiodstreaksPDO_auwa30.jpg