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Choroidal Rupture and small Hemorrhage - Assault

34 year old man. The patient reports he was assaulted by a couple of adolescents near downtown St. Petersburg about forty-eight hours ago. He reports the pain in the left eye has significantly improved, but his vision is a little fuzzy and he sees some floaters in the left eye. 20/125 OD, 20/20 OS. Pinhole improves in the right eye to 20/50. IOP: 15 OD, 13 OS.
SLIT LAMP EXAMINATION: Biomicroscopy reveals 3+ pupillary reaction OD, 2+ OS with no afferent pupillary defect. EXTENDED OPHTHALMOSCOPY: Extended funduscopy with Volk 90-diopter lens and fundus drawings of both eyes reveal a clear view with no posterior vitreous separation. C/D ratio is 0.2. There is no vitreous debris or hemorrhage. Large retinal vessels and macula are healthy. The retinal periphery, inspected with scleral depression for 360° shows no retinal tears, breaks, or detachments.

choroidalrupturechdo.jpg choroidalrupturechdo_28129.jpg choroidalrupturechdo_28229.jpg choroidalrupturechdo_28329.jpg choroidalrupturechdo_28429.jpg