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Acute Central Serous Retinopathy - CSR - Steroid Induced (probably) - Good Vision - Fundus HyperAutofluorescence Serous Retinal Detachment

42-year-old man was seen in the office on October 5, 2011. He had noticed starting in August after a course of antibiotic and steroids, that he developed new spots in his vision in the right eye. He may have had an episode like this sometime in the past. He did take steroids a few years ago and his vision did change at that time, but then returned.

VISUAL ACUITY: OD 20/32, OS 20/32. The OCT scan of the right eye confirms subretinal fluid.

csrinitialvisit_dade_01.jpg csrinitialvisit_dade_02.jpg csrinitialvisit_dade_03.jpg csrinitialvisit_dade_04.jpg csrinitialvisit_dade_05.jpg