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Serpiginouse Choroiditis (Chorioretinitis) - Acute Right Eye - Old Left Eye VA 20/25 OD , 20/50 OS ECTOPIC DISCIFORM SCAR/PERIPHERAL CHOROIDAL NEOVASCULAR MEMBRANE – EXUDATE –INFLAMMATION IN REACTION TO THE PERIPHERAL VASCULAR LESION  Uveal Choroidal Melanoma Central Areolar Choroidal Dystrophy Embolic CRAO Late Wet AMD Right Eye with Vision Loss for 1 week - 20/200 OD, 20/30 OS Choroidal Metastases - Both Eyes - Exudative Retinal Detachment Uveal Choroidal Melanoma Recurrent MEWDS Left Eye - Teenage Girl Branch Retinal Arterial Occlusion Right Eye - Atheromata - Both Eyes Retinal Arterial Macroaneurysm - Untreated Hypertension (250/135) - Serous Macular Detachment White Retinal Artiole Left eye - Inferotemporal Optic Nerve (Disc) Drusen - Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Line Scan Macular Pucker - 1 year after Vitrectomy - 20/25 Vision - Postoperative Images Chronic Central Serous Retinopathy - Indocyanine Green Angiogram  

choroidal melanoma


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