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Reticular Macular Disease (Pseudo-drusen) Both Eyes - Occult CNVM and Macular Edema Right Eye  OHS CNVM post treatment with Lucentis - VA now 20/25 Central Serous Retinopathy 25 year old professional baseball player - Atypical - Choroidal Hypo-perfusion? Bullseye Maculopathy without Plaquinel Hemangioma OS with good vison - 01-29-18 Optic Nerve Pit Maculopathy Angioid Streaks - CNVM OS with vision loss Retinal Detachment with Subretinal Fibrosis - Chronic with new Foveal Involvement 25 Year Old Persistent subfoveal fluid following retinal detachment repair Choroidal Osteoma 13 Year Old   Non-specific (uncharaterized / unknown) Macular Dystrophy  New wet AMD OS with subretinal hemorrhage and recent vision loss, Scar OD Occult Maculopathy - Thin Fovea on OCT and Normal Color VA, Photos, FA VA 20/80 OU 

choroidal melanoma


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