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Retinitis Pigmentosa373 viewsPatient comes in with cloudy vision. VA is 20/200 in both eyes. Patient has had retinal pigmentosa since 1986. Patient to consider cataract surgery to help her visual symptoms...
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NVD196 viewsDiabetic patient with NVD and NVE
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Hollenhorst Plaque211 viewsMultile plaque spots in a middle aged patient.
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Macular Scar251 viewsFundus photography with Auto Fluorescent shows macular scar centrally, right eye. VA is 20/200 in the right eye.
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Choriodal Rupture with Hemorrhage222 views
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Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Circinate Hard Exudates426 views
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Gonioscopy, Mass in the Angle of Anterior Chamber217 viewsSlit Lamp and goinoscopy photos show a mass at 7-o'clock i the right eye. The mass extends beneath the iris behind the lens.
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Dislocated IOL with Tube Shunt233 viewsPatient comes in with a dislocated lens in the right eye. Decreased vision in the right eye. Slit lamp photos shows lens dislocated halfway inferior. Ahmed Tube shut is visible at 11-o'clock superiorly in the right eye.
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Bilateral Papilledema 330 viewsYoung male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Fundus photos reveal swollen optic nerves in both eyes.
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