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RD295 megtekintésRD
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OD Albinism with foveal hypoplasia752 megtekintés28 year old female latina with vision of 20/400
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Accordioning Crystalline Lens with loss of Posterior Capsule395 megtekintés71-year old male complains of blurred vision in the left eye. VA 20/40, right eye and 20/400, left eye without correction. Slit lamp exam shows Crystalline lens, both eyes. Right eye IOL is aligned and centered. Left eye shows an accordion of the crystalline lens. Retro Illumination shows the IOL bent inward in the left eye. There was a 6-diopter difference of astigmatism between the right and left eye. Patient will have surgery to correct the issue.
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Acute Multifocal Vitelliform Exudative Maculopathy Left Eye377 megtekintés41 yr old male with decreased central vision 10 days OU
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Acute Multifocal Vitelliform Exudative Maculopathy Right Eye At 1 Mo Follow Up367 megtekintés
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Optic Nerve Pit382 megtekintésOptic Nerve Pit
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Superior Peripapillary Hemorrhage335 megtekintésPatient was seen for acute vision loss in the right eye. Patient has glaucoma. VA was 20/70 in the right eye. Had Vitrectomy back in May 2012 for ERM stripping. Also had Trabectome with cataract surgery back in December of 2012. Fundus photos presents a Superior Peripapillary Hemorrhage of the optic nerve. Patient will be followed up in one month.
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Ozurdex Implant in AC565 megtekintés79 yr old male presents with Blurry vison with slight discomfort x 1 in OD. Pt is S/P Ozurdex Implant x 2 mos which has now surfaced in the Anterior Chamber.
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Hypertensive Retinopathy271 megtekintésPatient comes in complaining of spots in vision in both eyes. VA was 20/25 - right eye and 20/20- left eye. Fundus exam reveals little hemorrhages with cotton wool spots due to hypertension and anemia.
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