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Retinal Detachment - Treated Horseshoe Tear on segmental buckle365 viewssegmental buckle
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Dry ARMD258 viewsDry Macular Degeneration in the OD of a 75yr old woman.
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Thick Choroid Probably from Hypotony573 viewsPatient comes in with blurred vision in the right eye. VA is CF. with pinhole at 20/400. Fundus photography shows moderate thickening of the choroid. IOP was 5 in the right eye.
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Conjunctival Melanoma346 viewsRight conjunctival melanoma extending into anterior orbit, right eye. Temporally and nasally with pigmented masses/nodules. VA was 20/30 without correction in the right eye. Follow up to proceed with proton beam therapy.
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Band Keratopathy/Neurotrophic Ulcer280 viewsPatient comes in with blind painful left eye. Slit lamp photos shows corneal diffuse scarring, descemets folds, corneal striae, band keratopathy, left eye. Proceed with Jupiter contact lens fitting on the left eye.
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