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Sickle Cellšt. ogledov:506
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CHOROIDAL Melanomašt. ogledov:401
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Retinal Detachmetšt. ogledov:356
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Angiogram of PDRšt. ogledov:391
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PDR with subhyloid hemšt. ogledov:402PDR with subhyloid hem
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Malattia leventinesešt. ogledov:722Basal laminar drusen in a perifoveal radial distribution are noted in this rare condition. Inheritance is AD with variable expressivity but full penetrance.
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Retinal Pigment Epithelial Detachment with no Sub-Retinal Fluid...št. ogledov:647A 38-year old male who comes in with blurred vision in the left eye. VA is 20/30. Notices a defect inferior of his central vision. Did an Fluorescence Angiogram to determine an RPE with no sub retinal fluid. Also OCT confirms. Patient was injected with Avastin.
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