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Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy - Father

52 year old man Vision has not been correctable for many years.
EXTENDED HPI: The patient has been seen for a while and his vision is not normal.  
VA OD: sc20/100 PH20/50-1 Nsc20/400
VA OS: sc20/63 PH20/50-2 NscJ16
IOP: TP: OD:10 OS:9 Time:02:29 PM
Two siblings and his son have the same problem

HereditaryAD-optic-atrophy_hearc_120119_05.jpg HereditaryAD-optic-atrophy_hearc_120119_08.jpg HereditaryAD-optic-atrophy_hearc_120119_09.jpg HereditaryAD-optic-atrophy_hearc_120119_07.JPG HereditaryAD-optic-atrophy_hearc_120119_06.jpg