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Neuroretinitis Left Eye

29 year old female - The left eye blurred up and she had double vision back in 2/2019 and March. It has gradually improved so this past month the vision in the left eye is getting better. Her MRI scan of her orbits with and without contrast was normal. She had no pain in the eye with or without eye movement when the vision was blurred. She has a cat for over 5 years. She has no exposure to kittens or stray cats and her cat is an indoor cat.
VA OD: sc20/12
VA OS: sc20/16-1

All uveitis testing was negative (cat scratch, RPR, FTA-ABS, Sarcoid test, lyme test, TB testing. She later developed recurrent uveitis without optic nerve involvement.

neuroretintis_kawin_051719_08.jpg neuroretintis_kawin_051719_06.JPG neuroretintis_kawin_051719_09.jpg neuroretintis_kawin_051719_10.jpg neuroretintis_kawin_051719_11.jpg