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Cotton Wool Spots - Severe Anemia - Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

23 year old just diagnosed with anemia and acute lymphocytic leukemia
: If he covers each eye neither eye is lacking. When he looks to the left he gets double vision when he looks to the right his vision is fine. This started about 2 weeks ago. Since it started it has been variable. He is on a bunch of medications for leukemia and he might be having high sugars. He noticed the vision change after his first blood transfusion in the hospital. He is currently very anemic.
VA OD: sc20/20 NscJ1+
VA OS: sc20/20 NscJ1+

all_anemia_winic_042618_02.JPG all_anemia_winic_042618_04.JPG all_anemia_winic_042618_07.jpg all_anemia_winic_042618_05.JPG all_anemia_winic_042618_06.JPG