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Choroidal Effusions following IOL exchange

67 year old man 10 years ago had retinal detachment with buckle, vitrectomy, laser, gas. Vision was 20/25 post-op. 2 months ago had sudden vision loss in the right eye from a dislocated PCIOL (in the bag). 3 weeks ago had a vitrectomy, remove IOL and scleral suture fixation of Akreos AO60 PCIOL with gortex sutures. IOP was 12 on post-op day 1 with a vitreous hemorrhage. Post-op day 7, vitreous hemorrhage cleared.
PMhx: HTN, High Cholesterol.
Med: Amlodipine, ASA, Atorvastatin, Metoprolol
Vision 20/200,

effusions_kadav_20220203_03.png effusions_kadav_20220203_04.png effusions_kadav_20220203_05.png effusions_kadav_20220203_06.png effusions_kadav_20220203_02.jpg