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Choroidal Hemorrhage following intraocular lens exchange surgery

68 year old man Patient is 1 week post IOL exchange with sutured Akreos PCIOL with PST Kenalog. IOP was 12 on POD 1 and 21 today (POD 7). Preop the IOP was 17.
He has a history of retinal detachment repair 12 years ago with PPV, Buckle, Laser and Gas.

VA OD: 20/200, OS: 20/50. IOP 21, 19

effusion1_dekar_020322_11.jpg effusion1_dekar_020322_14.jpg effusion1_dekar_020322_10.png effusion3_dekar_022422_19.jpg effusion3_dekar_022422_20.jpg