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Birdshot Chorioretinitis Mild - Asymptomatic

59-year-old man has birdshot chorioretinopathy in both eyes. Vision OD 20/25, OS 20/20. IOP: OD 16, OS 14. The right eye has a posterior chamber intraocular lens in good position. There is 1+ posterior capsular opacity. The left eye has 2+ nuclear sclerosis.
OD: Vertical C/D ration is 0.8. There is patchy depigmented lesion in the nasal periphery. The retina is attached with peripheral laser.
OS: Vertical C/D ratio is 0.4. There are peripheral punched out lesions in the periphery

birdshot_libr_28129.png birdshot_libr_28229.png birdshot_libr_28329.png birdshot_libr_28429.png birdshot_libr_28529.png