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Choroidal Melanoma Medium

33-year-old man with a history of decreased in the right eye. He had blurring in the eye about a year ago. He reports that it improved spontaneously until it was “nearly resolved”. He said he had some persistent distortion, but that over the past couple of weeks he has noticed this dark spot recurring in the right eye, the left eye is unaffected. He does not have any flashes, floaters or change in his peripheral visual acuity. 20/80 OD, 20/16 OS. No improvement with pinhole. IOP: 12 OD, 11 OS.

POSTERIOR SEGMENT EXAMINATION: Shows a clear view with no PVD in either eye. C/D ratio is 0.2 OU. Large retinal vessels are unremarkable. The macula of the right eye has a brown choroidal lesion with pigment overlying the surface and orange spots along its lateral surface. The left macula is normal.
B-SCAN: B-scan ecography of the ultrasound of the right eye shows a mass about 5 mm high with a moderate to low internal reflectivity on A-scan echogram. There is serous fluid inferiorly on the echogram

mediummelanomabrda_281529.png mediummelanomabrda_281629.png mediummelanomabrda_281729.png mediummelanomabrda_281929.png mediummelanomabrda_281829.png