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Non-specific (uncharaterized / unknown) Macular Dystrophy - ICG

59-year-old man has macular dystrophy in both eyes. He had some vision changes in medical school in the 1980s and saw Dr. Gass for that. He had some pigment epithelial irregularities in both eyes. He had strabismus as a child and had muscle surgery. He is color blind, along with many people in his family, and as far as he knows, it is congenital.
20/25, 20/30

maculardystrophy_kewa_12201228.jpg maculardystrophy_kewa_12201229.jpg maculardystrophy_kewa_12201230.jpg maculardystrophy_kewa_12201231.jpg maculardystrophy_kewa_12201232.jpg