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Uveitis - Retinitis - Vasculitis - possibly Syphilitis

Visit 1: 12-06-12
74-year-old man 12-3-12 visit. 2 months ago noticed vision loss, first in the right eye than the left. He is getting tired easily. He can’t walk for a long distance. He has lost five pounds within the last month. He also had a severe itchy episode, but not quite a rash a few days ago, which went away after he took a shower. FTA-ABS is positive but a spinal tap, which was negative. OD 1/200, OS 20/63.

maretinitis_uveitis_pefo1_12031214.jpg maretinitis_uveitis_pefo1_12031215.jpg maretinitis_uveitis_pefo1_12031216.jpg maretinitis_uveitis_pefo1_12031217.jpg maretinitis_uveitis_pefo1_12031218.jpg