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Giant Retinal Tear1287 views55555
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Choroidal Melanoma with Retinal Detachment726 views57 year old female who underwent proton beam therapy for Choroidal Melanoma. VA was 20/400 at post op visit.55555
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Epiretinal Membrane915 viewsEpiretinal Membrane55555
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Subretinal Perfluoro-n-octane Droplets - Color814 viewsSubretinal Perfluoro-n-octane droplets55555
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PXE with Angioid Streaks815 viewsPXE with angioid streaks OS (12/09/2011)55555
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Probable Measles Retinopathy1012 views52-year old female wanted second opinion on retinal eval. Patient had PK and PDT in the left eye. VA was 20/30, right eye was count fingers. Pinhole was NI, both eyes. Patient's mother had measles. Notice pigment changes in both the color and FAF photo. 55555
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Choroideremia941 views62-year old female who has extensive retinal damage in both eyes. VA 20/50 right eye, HM, left eye. Spot in vision, which is PSC, both eyes. 55555
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Retinal Coloboma1075 views14-year old male presents with decreased vision in the left eye. Dx with iris and retinal coloboma in the left eye. Patient VA was 20/20, right eye, 20/100 left eye with pinhole improvement 20\50. Patient was fitted for SCL in the left eye.55555
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late phase mushroom cloud, acute CSR1099 viewsFocus is on the peri-foveal vessels illustrates the extremely bullous RD from this mushroom cloud of leakage. The RD was substantially improved after 2 weeks of oral rifampin. Visual acuity improved from 20/200 to 20/70 OD. 55555
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