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Reoccurring Retinal Detachment554 viewsPatient comes in for second opinion for RD in the right eye. Patient's VA was count fingers @ 2-ft in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye. Patient is aphakic and has had 5- retinal surgeries in the past in the right eye including a scleral buckle. RD present with the macula off. Will consider surgery with silicone oil. 55555
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Ocular Trauma with Retinal Detachment365 viewsPatient suffered blunt force trauma to the eye resulting total retinal detachment. The retina is visible in the pupillary space.55555
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Melanoma335 views55555
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Choroidal Osteoma469 viewsYoung girl with vision loss from osteoma.00000
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Lattice Degeneration701 viewsAprox 180 degree lattice degeneration in OD of a 17yr old girl.00000
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Macular Hole with Peripheral Laser Scars585 viewsDiabetic patient comes in with flashes and floaters in both eyes. Patient's VA is 20/400, right eye and 20/25, left eye. Fundus exam presents with large macular hole with diabetic changes in the retina. Laser scars in the peripheral. 55555
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Prominent Posterior Hyaloid with Background Diabetic Retinopathy579 viewsPatient comes in for follow up on her Diabetic Retinopathy and glaucoma. Patient's VA was 20/30 in the left eye. Fundus exam presents a Posterior Hyaloid with hemorrhage inferiorily. Patient will be seen again in 6-months for follow up. 55555
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Choroidal Tumor consistent with Uveal Melanoma537 viewsPatient comes in for second opinion for 2-melanomas in the right eye. Patient's VA is 20/20, both eyes. Fundus exam reveals melanoma superior to the macula which measured at 0.7-mm thick. Second melanoma is nasally which measured at 4.1-mm thick and has low internal reflectivity. Patient will be followed up with MRI and ocular protocol.55555
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Macular Pre-Retinal Hemorrhage 622 viewsPatient complains of loss of vision in his left eye. Patient is diabetic. VA was 20/20, right eye and 20/150, left eye with no improvement pinhole. Fundus exam reveals very large pre retinal hemorrhage in the left eye. Embolism located inferior, nasally just off the optic nerve in the left eye. Patient underwent PRP for treatment of the hemorrhage.55555
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