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Coats' Disease with Cryotherapy vaatamisi: 721Young male with Coat's Disease with Cryotherapy in the right eye. VA was 20/20, right eye. Left eye was completely normal. Patient will be followed up in 3-months.55555
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Retinoschisisvaatamisi: 40955555
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Epiretinal Membrane with Pseudoholevaatamisi: 55955555
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Pseudophakic Cystoid Macular Edema FA late framevaatamisi: 53455555
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Background Diabetic Retinopathyvaatamisi: 937Patient with diabetes for over 11-years comes in with blurred vision. Blood sugar control is very poor. VA 20/50- right eye, 20/25-left eye. Fundus exam shows hard exudates with Circinate Rings and edema. Micro-aneurysms and retinal hemorrhage are present in both eyes. Patient will come back for laser treatment. 55555
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