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Molteno Drainage Tube436 views55555
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Glaucoma, Pseudoexfoliation Ring380 viewsSlit Lamp photography shows prominent pseudoexfoliation ring on the lens of the left eye. Patient will be followed up in 6-months...55555
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Neovascularization, Rubiosis440 viewsPatient comes in for GPCL fitting. VA is 20/50 w/GPCL. Slit lamp photography shows neovascularization on the iris in the right eye. Also iris atrophy, superiorly in the right eye.55555
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Macular Hemorrhage442 viewsPatient comes in with central vision loss in the right eye. Fundus photography shows a macular hemorrhage in the central portion of the fovea. Cotton wool spots are present around the optic nerve and a little hemorrhage present inferiorily at 6-o'clock.55555
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Central Retinal Vein Occlusion with Macular Edema382 viewsPatient notices decreased vision in the left eye. VA is 20/60, left eye. Fundus and Fluorescence Angiogram shows CRVO in the left eye with scattered hemorrhages throughout the retina.55555
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Choroidal Melanoma with Sub Retinal Fluid525 viewsFundus photography shows choroidal melanoma superiorily between 11-12-o'clock in the left eye. VA is 20/150 in the left eye. 55555
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Classic Smoke Stack405 views32 yrs old male Presents: with blurry vision x 10 day's visual acuity OD CF@5ft, Note Observation was recommended. Patient return 10/ 2013 with visual improvement of 20/30 and on 11/2013 VA 20/25 stable.00000
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CMV secondary to HIV434 views36 yr old Female Presents for reassessment of decreased vision after starting antiviral medication. OD Va @ onset was LP> OS Va stable 20/20.00000
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