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Last comments - Hemangioma Left Optic Nerve

Red Free Hemangioma left eye773 views02/19/12 at 12:50Barbara Parolini: VERY SHARP WITH 3D EFFECT
Optic Nerve Tumor2506 views21 year old male: Presents with a history of Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, diagnosed in 2005 affecting his left Optic Nerve, Brain, Spine, Kidney and Pancreas. He has undergone Laser for Retinal Hemangioma measuring 2/3-4/5DD -vs_ 1/3DD when originally diagnosed. However his visual acuity remains good 20/25. Patient has also undergone Neurosurgery in 2005 and Spinal cord in 2006. Recent MRI of spinal cord hemangioma showed stable tumors. 02/19/12 at 12:48Barbara Parolini: INTRESTING SUBJECT AND WELL TAKEN PICTURE
Red Free Hemangioma left eye773 views01/05/12 at 15:11tomsteele: Nice Image
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