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Last comments - Optic Nerve Disease

OU Stereo Pair Optic Disc Drusen765 viewsText book example of OU optic discs with drusen in stereo.05/07/13 at 14:57photoscherf:
Optic disc swelling948 views56 year old woman07/17/12 at 14:38scohen125: Used in: Teaching video titled 'Basic Ophthal...
AION Color281 views04/17/12 at 09:32James L. Perron: James L. Perron
Low Tension Glaucoma493 views59-year-old woman has a history of glaucoma dating back to 1990. She had trabeculectomy in the left eye in 1998 and then persisted to lose vision despite normal intraocular pressures from low-tension glaucoma in the left eye. She is now on Cosopt and Travatan in both eyes.
Vision OD is 20/20, OS is 20/16. IOP: OD 9, OS 6.

09/24/11 at 21:17scohen: Amazingly low intraocular pressure - has this pati...
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