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Last comments - Macular Degeneration - Age Related, Myopic, Choroidal Neovascular Membranes

Macular Degeneration with Hemorrhage557 viewsPatient comes in for follow up exam for wet AMD. Fundus photography reveals retinal hemorrhage temporally to the macula. Patient was not treated. Wait to see if the blood will absorb on its own. 01/08/13 at 11:57photoscherf:
Myopic CNVM - Wet - rx Avastin for 1 year457 views55-year-old woman OD is 20/40, OS is 20/20. There is a hyperpigmented disc diameter choroidal neovascular membrane with fluid touching the fovea.12/06/11 at 14:23ngpmedha: CNVM appears juxtafoveal,feel laser can be conside...
CNV secondary to Angioid Streaks, PXE487 views12/04/11 at 19:58scohen125: Beautiful photo - was this eye treated?
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