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Giant Retinal Tear1287 views
Choroidal Melanoma with Retinal Detachment720 views57 year old female who underwent proton beam therapy for Choroidal Melanoma. VA was 20/400 at post op visit.
Epiretinal Membrane915 viewsEpiretinal Membrane
Subretinal Perfluoro-n-octane Droplets - Color814 viewsSubretinal Perfluoro-n-octane droplets
PXE with Angioid Streaks813 viewsPXE with angioid streaks OS (12/09/2011)
Probable Measles Retinopathy1012 views52-year old female wanted second opinion on retinal eval. Patient had PK and PDT in the left eye. VA was 20/30, right eye was count fingers. Pinhole was NI, both eyes. Patient's mother had measles. Notice pigment changes in both the color and FAF photo.
Choroideremia939 views62-year old female who has extensive retinal damage in both eyes. VA 20/50 right eye, HM, left eye. Spot in vision, which is PSC, both eyes.
Retinal Coloboma1075 views14-year old male presents with decreased vision in the left eye. Dx with iris and retinal coloboma in the left eye. Patient VA was 20/20, right eye, 20/100 left eye with pinhole improvement 20\50. Patient was fitted for SCL in the left eye.
Coats' Disease with Cryotherapy 970 viewsYoung male with Coat's Disease with Cryotherapy in the right eye. VA was 20/20, right eye. Left eye was completely normal. Patient will be followed up in 3-months.
Retinoschisis651 views
Epiretinal Membrane with Pseudohole856 views
Pseudophakic Cystoid Macular Edema FA late frame772 views
Background Diabetic Retinopathy1362 viewsPatient with diabetes for over 11-years comes in with blurred vision. Blood sugar control is very poor. VA 20/50- right eye, 20/25-left eye. Fundus exam shows hard exudates with Circinate Rings and edema. Micro-aneurysms and retinal hemorrhage are present in both eyes. Patient will come back for laser treatment.
Retinitis Pigmentosa1289 viewsPatient comes in with cloudy vision. VA is 20/200 in both eyes. Patient has had retinal pigmentosa since 1986. Patient to consider cataract surgery to help her visual symptoms...
NVD653 viewsDiabetic patient with NVD and NVE
Hollenhorst Plaque648 viewsMultile plaque spots in a middle aged patient.
Macular Scar1354 viewsFundus photography with Auto Fluorescent shows macular scar centrally, right eye. VA is 20/200 in the right eye.
Choriodal Rupture with Hemorrhage707 views
Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Circinate Hard Exudates1062 views
Gonioscopy, Mass in the Angle of Anterior Chamber777 viewsSlit Lamp and goinoscopy photos show a mass at 7-o'clock i the right eye. The mass extends beneath the iris behind the lens.
Dislocated IOL with Tube Shunt794 viewsPatient comes in with a dislocated lens in the right eye. Decreased vision in the right eye. Slit lamp photos shows lens dislocated halfway inferior. Ahmed Tube shut is visible at 11-o'clock superiorly in the right eye.
Bilateral Papilledema 986 viewsYoung male presents with decreased vision in both eyes. Fundus photos reveal swollen optic nerves in both eyes.
late phase mushroom cloud, acute CSR1099 viewsFocus is on the peri-foveal vessels illustrates the extremely bullous RD from this mushroom cloud of leakage. The RD was substantially improved after 2 weeks of oral rifampin. Visual acuity improved from 20/200 to 20/70 OD.
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