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Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy907 viewsFundus photography shows severe fibrosis and arterial narrowing. Peripheral laser scars in both eyes. VA is 20/40, right eye and 20/50, left eye.
Choroidal Melanoma675 viewsFemale patient comes in with a visual defect in the right eye. VA is 20/40 in the right eye. Fundus photography shows choroidal melanoma with retinal detachment temporally at 3-o'clock in the right eye.
Choroidal Nevus712 viewsPatient comes in with pigmented spot in the right eye. VA is 20/25. Fundus photography shows elevated choroidal nevus inferiorily in the right eye. Will be reevaluated in 3-months...
Retinal Detachment with Macula Detached692 viewsPatient had sudden loss of vision in the left eye. VA is 20/60 in the left eye. Fundus exam reveals retinal detachment inferiorly from 3-9 o'clock with tear at 3:30. Patient underwent scleral buckle in the left eye.
Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion709 viewsPatient comes in for eval on retinal hemorrhage in the right eye. VA is 20/30 in the right eye. Fundus photography shows branch retinal vein occlusion inferior of the macula with retinal hemorrhage present. Will reevaluate in 2-months.
Choroidal Rupture Secondary to Ocular Trauma613 views
Intraocular Self injection636 viewsThe treatment of wet macular degeneration was revolutionized in late 2013 when Geneneron introduced its innovative and inexpensive take-home kit. Now, millions of patients around the world treat themselves on a PRN basis, using instructions written in 10 different languages.

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Pseudoexfoliation Material Peeling.527 viewsPatient comes in for regular eye exam. Last exam was 8-years ago. Complains of decrease in VA. VA was 20/30, right eye and 20/40, left eye. Slit lamp photography shows pseudoexfoliation peeling of the lens within 360-degrees. Pseudoexfoliation ring is present centrally. IOP was normal. Will revisit in 3-months for follow up.
Optic Nerve Edema with Retinal Hemorrhages.651 viewsFemale patient diagnosed with lupus a year ago, comes in with spot and decreased vision in the right eye. VA is 20/400 in the right eye and 20/40, in the left eye. Fundus photography shows multiple retinal hemorrhages and possible bilateral papilledema.
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