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Occult Metallic Intraocular Foreign Body - WINNER JANUARY 2011 - BEST IMAGE2741 viewsFundus photograph of a 28 year old male who presented with intermittent, painless, blurred vision of his left eye secondary to an occult metallic intraocular foreign body with old vitreous hemorrhage. He later admitted to feeling a mild gritty sensation of his affected eye while working with a circular saw the previous year. He was then misdiagnosed as having a subconjunctival hemorrhage from the emergency physician. He later underwent successful pars plana vitrectomy and foreign body removal.
Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Macular Hole2390 viewsPatitent with diabetes diagnosed 12 years ago and low visual acuity.
Optic Nerve Tumor3092 views21 year old male: Presents with a history of Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome, diagnosed in 2005 affecting his left Optic Nerve, Brain, Spine, Kidney and Pancreas. He has undergone Laser for Retinal Hemangioma measuring 2/3-4/5DD -vs_ 1/3DD when originally diagnosed. However his visual acuity remains good 20/25. Patient has also undergone Neurosurgery in 2005 and Spinal cord in 2006. Recent MRI of spinal cord hemangioma showed stable tumors.
Acute Macula Neuroretinopathy1967 views39yr old male: Presents with Inferior Temporal Scotoma in his left eye, x 10 days with no change in shape or size, Visual acuity 20/25.
Most common sysptoms are described as sudden onset of one or more paracentral scotomas. {with the tip pointing toward the Fovea} without any other visual symptoms. Currently no treatment recommended.
Large mac hole OCT1628 views76 yof with large mac hole
VA: CF at 3ft
chance of spontaneous closure low; surgery option available
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