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360-Degree's Pseudoexfoliation1139 viewsFollow-up on glaucoma. Patient has sever pseudoexfoliation in the right eye. VA is 20/25 with IOP at 27. Patient will return in 6-months for re-evaluation.
Angle Closure/ UBM & Gonioscopy1200 viewsPatient comes in a day after dilation with severe headache and nausea. Patient's IOP was 64 in the right eye. Patient ended up having angle closure attack. Promoted severe nausea and eye pain. Peripheral Iridotomy was performed and IOP dropped slowly. Patient was followed up the next morning and will be seen 2-days after that.
TID (Trans Illumination Defect) Christmas Tree Effect694 viewsPatient who is followed up for glaucoma. Retro Illumination reveals the Christmas Tree Effect.
Papilledema Probable to Pseudo-tumor Cerebri690 viewsA 24-year old female who presents severe headaches and vision loss over the past 6-months. VA was 20/40 with pinhole 20/25, right eye and 20/25, left eye. Fundiscopic exam reveals 3-4 plus papilledema of both optic nerves. Patient has VF defects inferior, nasal-right eye and enlarged blind spot with an inferior arcuate defect present. Patient will get MRI and work-up with treatment in the hospital.
Central Areolar Choroidal Dystrophy1040 viewsPatient wanted second opinion for atrophic macular degeneration. VA is 20/400, right eye and 20/100. left eye. Patient has very poor vision and also hearing impaired. Fundiscopic exam reveals very atrophy in the macula. FAF shows a central hole to the choroid with no neovascularization present.
Silicone Oil in the Anterior Chamber862 viewsPatient comes in for second opinion for retinal detachment in the left eye. VA is hand motion in the left eye. Poor view to look into the retina. Small silicone bubble at 12 o'clock superior in the anterior chamber. Surgery was not recommended due to the silicone oil in the left eye.
Polychromatic Cataract (Christmas Tree Cataract)560 viewsPatient comes in with cataract evaluation. Blurred vision in the left eye. Patient will think about surgery and call back to schedule.
Optic Neuritis with Suspected Harada's Disease 787 viewsYoung female patient comes in with red and irritated eyes which were sensitive to the touch. Patient also had vision loss in both eyes. VA was 20/80, right eye, 20/60, left eye. Fundiscopic exam shows sub retinal fluid in the right eye surrounding the optic nerve. Patient will start steroid therapy to reduce any other inflammation that is active.
Acute Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy599 views
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