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Chorodial Melanoma890 views80 year old male came in for retinal evaluation and presented with a melanoma.
Dusted Pigment, Iris Nevus891 views
Gonioscopy, Neovascularization in the Angle1285 viewsNeovascularization in the right eye, temporally. VA is 20/40, right eye with IOP at 25. Patient will proceed with Avastin injection to the right eye.
Large Choroidal Melanoma with Retinal Detachment666 viewsPatient notices a decline in her vision for the past 3-weeks in her right eye. VA was light perception in the right eye. Fundus photo shows a very large melanoma temporal to the optic nerve and retinal detachment inferiorly. Patient will under go proton beam therapy.
Corneal Foreign Body 878 viewsPatient complains of foreign body sensation in the right eye. Slit lamp photos shows a piece of glass metal embedded into the inferior part of the cornea at 7-o'clock in the right eye. Foreign body was removed.
Severe Pseudoexfoliation Ring, Left Eye648 viewsPatient comes in for blurred vision. VA is 20/30 both eyes. Mostly at near which was corrected with refraction. Slit lamp photos show severe pseudoexfoliation in the left eye. Patient will be followed up for glaucoma eval in a few weeks.
Retinal Coloboma723 viewsYoung 19-year old female with Charge Syndrome comes in for eye exam. VA is 20/400, right eye, 20/30, left eye. Fundus photography shows coloboma covering the macula and pushing the optic nerve in the right eye.
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