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Bilateral Papilledemavu 740 foisYoung female that presents with severe frequent headaches. VA is 20/15 in both eyes. Fundus exam reveals swelling of both optic nerves.
Acute Multifocal Placoid Pigment Epitheliopathy (AMPPE) related scarringvu 603 fois
Retinal Tear with Laser Treatmentvu 729 foisPatient comes in with blurry vision and mild floaters in the left eye. Fundus photo shows retinal tear with fluid present in the superior nasal quadrant of the left eye. Laser Retinopexy was performed to fix the retinal tear.
Macular Puckervu 675 foisPatient comes in for followup on macular pucker, right eye. VA is 20/50 in the right eye...Fundus photo shows prominent pucker centrally pulling temporally in the right eye.
Vitreo-Traction due to Diabetic Retinopathyvu 631 foisPatient comes in for follow up on her diabetes. VA is 20/30 in the right eye. Fundus photos shows thick traction nasally to the optic nerve forming a ring around the macula. Will follow up in 6-months.
Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epitheliumvu 808 foisPatient comes in with vision changes in the right eye. VA is 20/30 in the right eye. Fundus and FAF photos show a large area of Hypertrophy in the right eye.
Metastatic Choroidal Lesionvu 580 foisYoung female with choroidal lesion with subretinal fluid in the left eye. VA is finger count in the left eye.
Retinal Artery Occlusionvu 670 foisPatient comes in for eval on artery occlusions in both eyes. VA is 20/400, right eye and NLP, left eye. Fundus photos show paniretinal scars in the right eye with arterial narrowing and the left eye has arterial narrowing as well.
Flower Cataractvu 891 foisPatient with ahmed tube and flower cataract
Free Floating Dislocated Lens in Vitreousvu 562 foisPatient comes in aphakic with dislocated lens floating to the back of the eye when laying down. Lens is laying up against the endothelium of the cornea when patient is right side up..
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