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Hyperpigmented Vasoproliferative Tumor on Buckle with New Serous Retinal Detachment 20 years post RD Repair

67 year old female RD repair OU 1999 then severe (20/400) macular pucker OD removed 3 months later (twin sister also had bilateral RD’s with PVR). Then dislocated IOL surgery right eye 9/2012. New vision loss in the right eye with serous retinal detachment. Argon laser to dark tumor led to resolution of subretinal fluid within a month.

MAP28029.JPG vptpostRD_mali_031218_02.JPG vptpostRD_mali_031218_05.JPG vptpostRD_mali_031218_03.JPG vptpostRD_mali_031218_04.JPG