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Myopic Macular Degeneration - Staphyloma - Recent Vision Loss Right Eye - Possible CNVM

83-year-old woman is a high myope with myopic macular degeneration. She had a retinal detachment repair in the right eye in 1968. I saw her in June of 2003. She had posterior colobomas and areas of pigment epithelial atrophy. She has noticed over the last six weeks substantial declining vision in the right eye. Prior to that, the vision in the two eyes was about the same. She uses Xalatan in the left eye and Alphagan in both eyes.

VISUAL ACUITY: Vision OD is 20/160, OS is 20/40

myopicamdodwet_jeli01.jpg myopicamdodwet_jeli02.jpg myopicamdodwet_jeli03.jpg myopicamdodwet_jeli04.jpg myopicamdodwet_jeli05.jpg