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Image search results - "april2012"

Inferotemporal and Inferonasal BRAO1138 viewsBranch Retinal Artery Occlusions - Multiple
Chronic Retinal Detachment1080 views51 year old female, with a chronic retinal detachment. The patient has been stable since 1999.
CAVERNOUS HEMONGIOMA2171 views28 year old male w/ 20/200 vision at time of exam. Patient c/o poor vision since childhood. No significant medical history or family medical history. A problem was only noted when patient enlisted in the Army.
Melanoma1146 views40 Year old male
Chorodial Sclerosis912 views74 year old female diagnosed with Chorodial Sclerosis OU and ARMD OU. Va 20/400 OD 2'200 OS
Cytomeglovirus971 views25 year old male experiencing blurry vision OS for two days. Onset very rapid. VA 20/40 OS 20/30 OD. After HIV titer test, determined the pt. had HIV and Cytomeglovirus.
Hemi-retinal Vein Occlusion1109 views81 year old female seen in 2009 for a Hemi-retinal vein Occlusion OS with vision of 20/25.
Central Retinal Artery Occlusion1208 views60 year old male with LP vision due to extensive blood flow loss.
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