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Retinal Detachment with Dislocated IOL Lens1130 views47-year old male who had trauma to the right eye. Patient had retinal detachment surgery in the past (Scleral Buckle), to the right eye. Patient came in with another retinal detachment with dislocated PC IOL lens. Notice the haptics tearing the retina. Patient underwent vitrectomy with gas exchange. VA was hand motion 1-day post op.
Central Retinal Vein Occlusion610 views
Toxoplasmosis - Vitreoretinal Traction774 viewsA 28-year old male who noticed an upper partial visual loss to his right eye for about 2-weeks. Diagnosed with retinitis and was put on acyclovir. Patient received second opinion due to culture of aqueous humor which was then diagnosed as Toxoplasmosis. VA was 20/25 in the right eye. Pt has been followed after for the past 7-months.
Grouped pigmentation - Bear Tracks1312 views71 year old caucasian woman with incidental finding of extensive grouped RPE hypertrophy. Routine colonoscopy performed in the preceding year was normal.
coats disease; exudative retinitis; retinal telangiectasis; leber multiple miliary aneurysm disease1369 viewsclassic coats
Central Retinal Vein Occlusion - Severe Optic Nerve Edema758 views15 yr old male presents with sudden onset of painless decreased vision in right eye x 6 days gradually worsening. No history of Trauma OD 20/30 OS 20/25, Diagnosis CRVO with ? Papillophlebitis.
Retinal Detachment Secondary to Irregular Retinal Tear647 viewsRetinal Detachment with Irregular Retinal Tear
14.5 seconds660 viewsCorresponding FA for Cilioretinal artery occlusion with early venous stasis retinopathy
Retinal Pigmintosa715 views28-year old female with no light perception in the right eye.
Central Serous Retinopathy703 viewsYoung male who comes in for follow up on CSR in the left eye. Patient had focal laser treatment 1-month ago. There are still spots of leaking and proceeded with another focal laser treatment. Notice the top of the hyperfluorescent area.
Retinal Detachment - Treated Horseshoe Tear on segmental buckle853 viewssegmental buckle
Thick Choroid Probably from Hypotony996 viewsPatient comes in with blurred vision in the right eye. VA is CF. with pinhole at 20/400. Fundus photography shows moderate thickening of the choroid. IOP was 5 in the right eye.
Conjunctival Melanoma868 viewsRight conjunctival melanoma extending into anterior orbit, right eye. Temporally and nasally with pigmented masses/nodules. VA was 20/30 without correction in the right eye. Follow up to proceed with proton beam therapy.
Band Keratopathy/Neurotrophic Ulcer702 viewsPatient comes in with blind painful left eye. Slit lamp photos shows corneal diffuse scarring, descemets folds, corneal striae, band keratopathy, left eye. Proceed with Jupiter contact lens fitting on the left eye.
Ahmed Valve255 viewsAHMED VALVE: This 57 year old diabetic has end stage glaucoma. An Ahmed valve was inserted into her right anterior chamber to help control her IOP.
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